Our Staff

Pugh Funeral Home

Mac Pugh, President
Ed Pugh, Vice President
Jeff Nobles, Operations Manager

Preplanning Counselors

Katherine Kilpatrick
Funeral Director
Counselor for Randleman and Siler City Locations
Brenda Williamson
Funeral Director
Counselor for the Asheboro and Troy Locations

New Hope Bereavement Center

Dwight Hooker
Director of Bereavement Services

Pugh Funeral Home, Asheboro

Billy Moon, Funeral Service Licensee
Mickey Shaw, Funeral Service Licensee
Jonathan Allen, Funeral Service Licensee
Gloria Hamilton, Funeral Director
Dean Shelton, Funeral Service Licensee
Patrick Stover, Funeral Service Licensee
Tom Pugh, Funeral Director
Sandy Wood, Office Administrator
Luann Inman, Office Administrator
David Allen, Funeral Assistant
Garlene Rich, Funeral Assistant,
Steve Bulla, Funeral Assistant
Ryan McClelland, Funeral Assistant
Mary Cooper, Funeral Assistant
Monroe Kidd, Funeral Assistant
Ed Menius, Funeral Assistant
Ella Stout Pozelle, Funeral Assistant

Tammy Fletcher, Funeral Assistant

Support Staff
Jim Pendell, Maintenance Supervisor
Tim York, Chief, Interment Operations
Derek Hooker, Assistant, Interment Operations
Chris Sexton, Maintenance Assistant
Linda Simera, Housekeeping

Pugh Funeral Home, Randleman

Ed Pugh, Manager
Penny Brown, Office Administrator
Mary Inman, Funeral Assistant
Bobby Wood, Funeral Assistant
Lee Roy Russell, Funeral Assistant
Phyllis Neal, Funeral Assistant

Pugh Funeral Home, Troy

Dean Shelton,  Manager
Melanie Wheeler, Office Administrator
Jim Tedder, Funeral Assistant
Charles Thompson, Funeral Assistant
Tony Sedberry, Funeral Assistant
Douglas Byrd, Funeral Assistant
Roger Roberts, Funeral Assistant

Smith & Buckner Funeral Home, Siler City

Mickey Pore, Manager
Chuck Akers, Funeral Service Licensee
Tim Lednum, Funeral Director
Karen Pike, Office Administrator
Patricia Dowdy, Funeral Assistant
Doris Gaines, Funeral Assistant
Daffy McLaughlin, Funeral Assistant
David Seagroves, Funeral Assistant
Doris Hinshaw, Funeral Assistant

Tony Estridge, Funeral Assistant

New Hope Memorial Gardens

Tom Pugh, Manager
Mickey Shaw, Assistant Manager
Faye Moffitt, Sales Counselor

​Dillon Shaw, Maintenance